What We Are

Integrated Commodities Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based import, export and international trading company which was founded in mid 2016 for dealing in Bitumen, Base Oil, Grease & Lubricants, Fuel Oil, Gas Oil , HSFO, RMG , different petroleum & energy products and other commodities.

With a founders who have extensive knowledge in commercial area of all business fields as well as very rich in experience with sound and different kind of backgrounds, the company itself is a collection of knowledge and experience in different horizons such as international trading as well as contacts in marketing, shipping, engineering, consulting services related to petroleum and petrochemical industrial establishment.
As an import, export and international trading company, Integrated Commodities has bundles of exceptional quality of products and credibility of its services lead the company with sound reputations. Integrated Commodities strives to provide best quality services to every customer.

The company is committed to connect suppliers and buyers worldwide, making sure that the best products with the competitive values find their way from factories/traders to buyers/end users worldwide. Integrated Commodities’ trading team of professionals are focused on helping its customers and partners plug in and find greater value from the global supply chain.

As an international trading company which specializes in the procurement of Petroleum & energy Products and other commodities from different parts of the world, Integrated Commodities has contacts to store various refinery products in Hamriyah and Fujairah Free Zone in UAE, with different tank sizes as and when clients demand.

In order to meet the increasing demands within the trading business, Integrated Commodities established a quality management system where they are looking for activities which are effective, reliable, professional and competitive.

Vision: Traders international choice for Energy products trading

Mission: Safe Heaven for petro products commodities trading