Product & services


Integrated Commodities have a competitive edge in petroleum products & other Commodities trading business among its leaders. The company maintains a stable and long-term relations in trading and risk management with international giants and financial institutions.

Integrated Commodities’ long-standing good relations with the major petroleum producing nations companies have secured its high volume business. The products are sourced from Kingdom of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman and United Arab Emirates as well as from Indonesia, India and Russia. It is also engaged in entrepot trading business with refineries from all regions and becoming emerging trading company for many countries refiners, coupled with substantial increase in business scale and profit.

While concentrating on the development of petroleum products trading business, Integrated Commodities is in process to tie up with large international tanker owners who is providing convenient and efficient ship chartering services to global petroleum products import clients and third-country entrepot clients and expanding business through various means.

Integrated Commodities is providing professional services to home as well as abroad clients and thus has enjoyed steady and broad global marketing channels. Satisfying domestic market demands for overseas petroleum products it has policy of long-term contracts and spot purchases. Integrated Commodities is also involved in the both import agent and self-operated businesses for all products.


Integrated Commodities deals in below major petroleum products of different grades and other commodities:
•Fuel Oil
•Gas Oil
•Base oil SN 150, SN 500, SN 650
•Bright Stock Oil
•Grease & Lubricants
•Rubber Processing Oil
•Transformer Oil
•Copper & Aluminum Scrap
•Copper Ingots


Company offers various services for trading in petroleum products and other commodities which are listed as below:

•Trading agents and advisory
•Risk Management in trading
•Logistics of petroleum products and other commodities