Business Policy


To achieve success in long-term business plan, the Integrated Commodities puts quality management system that meets the requirements of current high standards demands.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers satisfaction means meeting customers’ requirements consistently:

•Opt for shortest delivery period
•Get products in required sizes of packaging
•Professional execution of orders
•Fast & Flexible procurement of order
•Considering market conditions

Employee Satisfaction

Integrated Commodities cares about its employees working conditions and their job satisfaction. It conducts employees regular face to face interaction with management to put their grievances.

System Improvement

System improvement is Integrated Commodities’ business philosophy. It is in company's interest to constantly assess, analyze and improve all relevant processes by way of a systematic quality assessment and adapt them to the business conditions.

Implementation of Policies

To implement Integrated Commodities’ business policies the management established a measurable quality goals. These quality goals and the policies are regularly being evaluated and adapted in accordance with market conditions.

Integrated Commodities is looking forward to build long-term business relationships with its customers and suppliers for mutual benefit. Customers and suppliers from worldwide are always welcome to contact Integrated Commodities.